Hurricane Update
We are pleased to announce that most offices have reopened. Request an appointment online today or call us at 239-466-2020.

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Our Doctors

Our History

Our History



Quigley Eye Specialists Gold Standards of Care


Quigley Eye Specialists creates patients for life by providing the highest level of quality eye care and service to the community.


Our vision is to be the most caring and desired ophthalmology practice by patients, doctors and staff throughout the State of Florida.

Core Values

Technical Excellence: We always strive for excellence in everything we do.

Treat all Patients as Guests: We create patients for life with care and kindness.

Teamwork: We are all equally important members of the team.

Productivity: We take initiative to be efficient and innovative.

Excellent Care

Three Steps of Service

  1. Stand to greet with a warm and sincere smile.
  2. Use the guest’s last name, and anticipate fulfilling their needs.
  3. Give a fond farewell: A warm goodbye using the guest’s last name.

I Pledge to...

  • Treat patients as guests in my home as I would want someone to treat my loved ones or myself
  • Respect patients’ time by being on time
  • Always use eye contact with patients and call them by their proper name
  • Explain to patients what is going to happen and why as they may be anxious about their vision
  • Speak clearly and calmly
  • Thank the patient for trusting us with their care (it is an honor)
  • Help teammates even if its inconvenient to me
  • Lift up teammates when they may be down
  • Support teammates since we all have different gifts and experiences
  • Be positive
  • Be a leader in my role
  • Help the organization continuously improve performance in every way
  • Make sure the office environment is always kept “picture perfect”—clean, safe and welcoming for patients