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Doctors at this location:

Paul Raskauskas, M.D.

Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist

Thomas Aaron Judd, O.D.

Board Certified Optometric Physician


8 am – 5 pm


8 am – 5 pm


8 am – 5 pm


8 am – 5 pm


8 am – 5 pm

Saturday / Sunday


Top Rated Eye Care in Fort Myers

Quigley Eye Specialists has provided premier eye care to Southwest Florida since 1988 when Dr. Thomas Quigley first opened his doors.

Our doctors are experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists eye care specialists who have years of successful experience with LASIK, cataracts, glaucoma, general eye care, and diagnosing and treating retinal and eye diseases.

Among the Eye Care Specialties at Quigley’s Fort Myers location are:

  • Primary/General eye care,
  • Treatment of eye conditions affecting the elderly
  • Diagnosis and treatment of retina and eye diseases

Eye Exams and Primary Eye Care.

Your eyesight is one of your most essential senses providing 80% of what you perceive. Quigley’s board-certified Optometric Physicians offer primary care that includes eye exams, lens fittings, and identifying disease before it becomes a serious medical issue.

Receiving regular and proper care at Quigley Eye Specialists of Fort Myers will:

  • Protect your eyes
  • Detect eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma
  • Reduce the odds of vision loss and blindness
  • Help maintain the overall health of your eyes

Elderly Eye Diseases and Conditions.

Dr. Raskauskas of our Fort Myers New Hampshire Court location has a particular interest in diagnosing and treating eye conditions that typically affect older adults. To uncover eye diseases, Quigley Eye Specialists provide comprehensive eye examinations and make sure we take the time to explain the findings to our patients.

Common age-related eye problems include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Dry eye
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Temporal arteritis

If you’re experiencing discomfort or problems with your vision, contact Quigley’s Fort Myers location today: 15460 New Hampshire Ct. or call us at (239) 466-2020.

Top Optometric Physician, Ophthalmologist, and Retina Specialists at Quigley’s Fort Myers Location.

Paul Raskauskas, M.D.

Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist
Dr. Raskauskas has a particular interest in studying Geographic Atrophy, a type of Age-Related Macular Degeneration. He is currently the Principal Investigator for several clinical trials and has been a part of dozens of pivotal clinical trials that have led to FDA approval of new therapies to fight retina or vitreous diseases.

Dr. Raskauskas has received the honor of Best Doctor and Castle Connolly Top Doctor.

Thomas Aaron Judd, O.D.

Board Certified Optometric Physician
After clinical training, he was selected to be the eye doctor for the United States Military Academy at West Point. Dr. Judd also served for a one-year tour during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He provided triage, emergent, traumatic, and general eye care to the multinational forces, civilians, detainees, and insurgency.

Dr. Judd has practiced in Florida since 2006, focusing on the relationship between neurology and vision. Dr. Judd has been published and has a particular interest in all areas of eye disease.

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