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  • In-person LASIK screening
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  • Customized treatment plan
The next step is a LASIK screening at one of our convenient Quigley Eye Specialists locations. Then you will have a preop evaluation, which includes testing and an office visit with the surgeon. After the pre-op evaluation, our LASIK specialists will discuss your vision goals and develop a customized treatment plan designed specifically for you.
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About Quigley Eye Specialists

Dr. Thomas Quigley was profoundly affected by a condition his sister, Cathy, developed which led him to become an ophthalmologist.

Cathy was diagnosed with a rare eye disease called Uveitis. Although there is no cure, Uveitis can be managed. However, if left untreated, the condition can cause blindness. Dr. Quigley remembers hearing his sister cry out in pain from all the inflammation in her eye.

As a struggling single mother of three children, she could barely afford to provide for her family, let alone keep up with the medical bills. Without the ability to get the care she needed, sadly, Cathy eventually lost her vision.

Feeling helpless that he couldn’t do anything, he decided to do something. It was then, as a young medical student, that he made it his mission to prevent blindness in others regardless if they could afford treatment or not.

Laser focused on service to the community, Dr. Quigley opened the doors to Quigley Eye Specialists in 1988. He went into practice with an unwavering commitment to protect and preserve one of the most important gifts – our gift of sight.

Today, Quigley Eye Specialists is one of the largest eye care practices in the state offering patients caring and compassionate eye care using top technology and a skilled medical team. We are proud to be the number one choice for eye care in Southwest Florida.