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Abin Makil, O.D.

Board-Certified Optometric Physician

About Dr. Makil

Dr. Makil completed his Bachelor of Science degree, magna cum laude, from the University of South Florida in Tampa. He went on to receive his Doctor of Optometry from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. He completed internships at MCR Health Services in Bradenton, and Orlando VA Medical Center.

Dr. Makil has a direct connection with them through personal experience. He was nearsighted in middle school and remembers the first time he put on glasses and the realization of everything he had been missing. He loves being able to improve his patients’ visual needs so they can have the same experience.

He specializes in Dry Eye and contact lenses.


While his parents are from India, Dr. Makil was born in Queens, NY, and their family moved to Tampa when he was four years old.

Favorite Things

Outside of work, Dr. Makil loves staying active whether it’s in the gym or playing sports such as basketball or soccer. He also enjoys all things food related. He loves to cook, trying new recipes, as well as exploring new foods and cuisines at local restaurants.

Dr. Makil was delightful!!!
Young Brian was delightful!!!
The typist was delightful...and fast!! 🙂
Another great visit to my eye specialist. I'm doing well at home, already.....
Thank you to Dr. Quigley's eyecare staff... Lynn

rater8 Verified Patient
Rating : 5

Great doctor! Conscientious thorough wonderful manner with the patient and answers all questions. Very knowledgeable and precise in examinations leaves no stone unturned.

rater8 Verified Patient
Rating : 5

Very professional, thorough and pleasant. Listened and responded to questions, explained tests. This was my first appt with Dr. Makil, happy to return for future exams.

rater8 Verified Patient
Rating : 5

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