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Doctor Corrent is a rare Ophthalmologist with the knowledge in glaucoma, cataract and most importantly diseases of the cornea which was my primary concern for i had decompensation of the cornea and needed a transplant. To resume all my visit to this extraordinary Doctor! To my chagrin Doctor Corrent is moving away from Miami. I was fortunate and blessed to have the pleasure to be cared for by you Doctor Corrent. My surgery was a success and i will continue to follow your instructions for the year to come with the regiment of my drops. You are a kind, serene, focus, professional and wonderfully HUMBLE! It is a VIRTUE that very few people possess and can recognize in other human beings.

I appreciate your HUMILITY Dearly Doctor Corrent. Wishing and praying that God continues to shower you with Greatness Continuously.
Respectfully, Michèle Excellent.

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