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My ophthalmologist found out that I had cataracts in both of my eyes. I had a lot of difficulty seeing clearly. I decided to schedule a visit with Dr. Corrent, whom my ophthalmologist recomemded. The minute that I met Dr. Corrent & his staff I knew that I was in the midst of the best professional team for eye care.
Every staff person seems to work in harmony to get the patient in, care for & guide them out as quickly as possible after having cared for them. Everything about
Dr Corrent’s office was spotless, organized, speedy & peaceful. Dr. Corrent’s bedside manners are beyond outstanding. He is the perfect picture of serenity. He is soft & clear spoken. His knowledge is beyond belief, he is always on time, checks on you the same day that he does the surgery & gives you an appointment in the morning the day after surgery to check the eye. A month later he removed the cataract from the second eye. Thankfully it was also an extraordinary medical experience.

Thank you.

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