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In a nutshell, I have my choices of the UK or here, whom to see, as dual citizen, but since my wife and I both had our cataracts and lens replacements done by Quigley eye, knew there was something wrong with me as eyelids wouldn’t open and was recommended to see Dr. Judd immediately. He rapidly suspected Myasthenia Gravis(unlike others whom I have heard were misdiagnosed, over a period of three years) as this disease is so rare, and through his constant arranging of my wealth fare, I ended up in Hospital for over three weeks and one of the complications of this condition is double vision. I can’t drive or even go outside, but yesterday jumped in an Uber to go 50 miles to see him and had prisms fitted into glasses to try and correct this problem, otherwise it’s just life changing for me. Just had a small drive, getting used to them, and told to be patient and will re-align. Promising indeed. I can drive! Ok, 100 meters and back, just to be safe as a trial run, on my very quiet side road with nobody about, but it’s a start.His credentials as far as I am concerned. Very caring, knowledgeable to a high advanced level, particularly on autoimmune, neurological brain to eye issues, and answers all questions, good sense of humor, not robotic, like so many others,(understandable though in their busy professions) and I would think for all other optometrist matters, the man to see.I felt compelled to write this, as it’s in my opinion, what he did and will continue to do for me, to get me back to 90% of where I was, (and my case is fairly rare), but 4 others travelled all over yesterday with my similar condition, with double vision(possible prism correction) and other eye aspects, I don’t think you could find a better Doctor to sort you out, whatever eye issues are troubling you.

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