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Dr. Judd is the *PREMIER* Optometrist in SW Florida. I have over three decades of medical sales experience around the country, including tenure with Bausch & Lomb calling on vision and eye care specialists. Dr. Judd is simply the best of the best. Dr. Judd has specialized Neuro-Optometric training and experience that goes well beyond performing routine eye exams.

I had a cataract removed by Dr. Quigley, one of the most experienced cataract surgeons in Florida. I developed a post-op surgical infection and Dr. Quigley referred me to Dr. Judd for a follow-up exam. Dr. Judd performed a very thorough and in-depth eye exam and then ordered comprehensive bloodwork, after I related that I had a similar post-op infection after recent sinus surgery. I had never heard of an Optometrist ordering bloodwork in my entire medical sales career but thank God I am under Dr. Judd’s care.

The lab results indicated I had abnormal immunoglobulin and protein levels, indicating an immune system disorder. Dr. Judd then referred me to the #1 Hematologist in SW Florida, Deborah Glick, M.D., with Florida Cancer Specialists in Bonita Springs. Dr. Glick ordered more bloodwork, x-rays, c.t. scans and a bone marrrow biopsy. It was determined I have a small B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the very early stages. Dr. Glick referred me to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and my condition is being evaluated and monitored for progression that will warrant initiation of oncology treatment. My Moffitt Oncologist Dr. Shain remarked that he had never heard of an Optometrist ordering comprehensive bloodwork and Dr. Judd should be commended for his proactive diagnostic intervention that has detected my cancer in its eariest stages.

The eyes can reveal other systemic health issues and abnormalities beyond obvious needs for vison correction. I am very grateful to Dr. Judd for the in-depth, comprehensive vision exam and labwork that led to the diagnosis of my non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and giving me the best chance for successful treatment through early detection. The other Neuroligical, ENT, Rheumatology, and PCP providers I have seen recently, never ordered the comprehensive bloodwork that Dr. Judd did and I am grateful for his interventional specialty vision care. Dr. Judd’s probing medical detective work, will undoubtably and positively impact my quality and length of life.

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