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I have been dealing with an eye issue since the age of five and every doctor that I have ever seen could never figure out what was going on. It wasn’t until I came to Florida and my PCP referred me to Quigley Eye Specialist. It didn’t take them but just a few minutes after their testing I had a name to my disease I had it program medication things that I need to do on a daily basis regarding my eye disease. On another visit just for my regular check up found out that I had cataracts, and it was time for me up the surgery if I wanted it to have new lenses so I wouldn’t have to wear glasses. Again, those doctors. That do that department did a fantastic. Here lately, I’ve been suffering from a sty in my eye that will just not Get better. I had to call the emergency line on a Sunday I was there Monday morning they looked at and referred me to surgeon to remove this sty which is tomorrow. They told me about he would be doing the. And how long they worked with, and gave me the again that quickly I Center has taken care of me! Here is a picture of my recent issue.

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