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I’ve only had one eye done at this time and my other one is next week.

When I say my life is changing, I’m not exaggerating. Because of COVID I put off an eye exam…my vision was getting worse snd I thought I only needed new glasses. Shocked when I learned it was cataracts. Both my grandmothers became blind in their 60s. I thought maybe that was my fate, I was terrified.

I never realised just how bad my eyesight had gotten UNTIL I could see more clearly.

I have custody of my twin 5 yo gr grandsons. Since they were 18 mo I’ve been reading to them. For several months I couldn’t read books with small print without a magnifying glass (with my glasses) and then I started using my flashlight to read the larger print. The last few weeks before my surgery I stopped reading at night to them.

I’m happy to say less in than one week I’m reading to them again. I can’t wait to see how much better it will be once my 2nd eye is done.

On the flip side I’m seeing dirt & dust I didn’t necessarily want to see????

Thank you to Dr Wiggins and ALL of the staff… my experience has been awesome????

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