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Dr Mears is an amazing doctor. She spent time explaining my diagnosis to me more than any of the other retina specialists I saw in Baton Rouge and is very caring and compassionate.

Dr. Mears is a highly and unequivocally qualified and is a talented young retina surgeon with a prosperous future ahead of her. Extremely detail oriented and has had fantastic outcomes.

Dr. Myers is a very professional, kowledable and caring doctor. She explained me my condition (retinal tear) in great detail using plain language. I have received great care from her.

Extremely compassionate and detail-oriented physician who was very gentle, caring and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. Highly recommended.

Dr Mears did an awesome job on my retinal detachment surgery even checking I was doing ok the night of my surgery. She really cares. I could not ask for a better doctor.

I suffer from diabetic retinopathy. Dr. Mears has helped me immensely in not only preventing further vision loss but recovering some that I had already lost. Not enough words in the English language to thank her for her care!

My husband had a very rare disease, one that attacks the retinas. Dr Mears diagnosed it quickly, got him on the correct medication and we are working on a full recovery. She is so dedicated to her patients that she even does appointments on the weekends.

I have seen Dr. Mears a number of times. She is very professional and thorough including explanations of the procedures involved. I have macular degeneration where her abilities excel.

She is the most thorough and detail-oriented retinal specialist I have had in my 55 years of doctors visits. She was the first one able to correctly identify my genetic disease and even has been able to get me enrolled in a clinical trial for this. I cannot say enough good things about this physician. If you have a complex issue that no one else can figure out, she will help you.

Dr. Mears genuinely cares about her patients and takes care of complex cases that so many other doctors do not bother with. She never gives up and gives her entire heart into what she does. I see in the waiting room in Fort Myers how some of the other patients are impatient and seem really demanding, that she handles even the toughest personality types. We need to be nicer to our doctors.

Dr. Mears took her time and explained her diagnosis clearly and concise. She welcomed my thoughts and was easy to talk to. I appreciated her complete transparency and would recommend her as she came across very knowledgeable.

Dr Mears is knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. She leaves no stone unturned until she is satisfied that she has made certain that she has provided the most complete assessment of your problem and its solution. I highly recommend her. I see her at Retina Consultants.

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