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QES is excellent! Dr. Priest examined me and made me aware of a substantial cataract problem in my left eye. We discussed the options. I had surgery on 9/10/18. Everything was great. I can see much better now. I will only need glasses to read. I never got a chance to personally thank Dr. Priest after the surgery. So now, I am saying “thank you somuch” for a job well done! An excellent surgeon. See you next year for the right eye!

This man saved my life literally . I’m very thankful for his kind gesture and going and beyond his duty as a doctor . All doctors should be as compassionate as he is . May God bless you and your family!!!

Dr. Priest-Allen suggested taking out my right lens out of my glasses. I have done so. It is totally amazing how clear and bright my right eye is. I wonder how my left eye will be after September 9th. Dr. Priest-Allen is highly efficient and knowledgeable. I trust her decisions completely.

Dr, Priest-Allen was excellent to deal with. Personable, informative and good about explaining in detail my problem and her recommendation to deal with the problem. I recommend her highly.

Spectacular care and desire for perfection is very apparent from Dr. Priest-Allen.
You are lucky to have her at Quigley and I’m fortunate to be her patient as well.

My visit yesterday with Dr. Priest-Allen was thorough and I feel totally at ease with her expertise, knowledge and skill level. I feel I couldn’t be in better hands for my cataract/glaucoma surgery next month!!!

This was my first visit to see Dr. Priest-Allen. She was very easy to talk with. She was knowledgeable about my condition and we worked together to create a plan of action.

Can’t say enough about Dr Priest Allen. She was informative, reassuring, caring. (and cute!)
Seriously, she told me exactly what was going to happen, in lay terms, and explained the procedure as well as the post op treatment. Since I didn’t have a prescription plan, she explained that Quigley has specific drug stores that they work with who give a discount to people in my position. That was very helpful and appreciated. Even prior to the surgery when I was in pre op, Dr Priest Allen dropped in to check on me and make sure everything was going according to plan.

Dr Priest-Allen performed cataract, astigmatism correction and glaucoma surgery on both eyes. I am glasses free for the first time in 60 years. I trusted her and Quigley Eye Specialists with my eye care and highly recommended them.

I am very pleased with the service I receive from Quigley Eye Specialists. I recently had an issue that required immediate atttention and when I called was given an appointment the same day and the issue was taken care of.

She was very professional and spoke to me to make me understand exactly what’s happening with my eyes. She helped calm a somewhat nervous situation. Looking forward to my next appointment!

All testings were done by Debbie who explained each one. Dr. Priest-Allen was friendly and knows her stuff. All wore masks and made you feel it was a safe environment.

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